People that know me best describe me as open-minded and eager to learn. But really, I’m trying to satisfy my intro- and extroverted sides by diving into new topics and spreading messages. I know a little about a LOT because I like meeting creatives and exploring the internet and its rabbit holes.

Having worked with people in various contexts (from teaching tourists how to fish in New Zealand to hosting illegal raves with underground tech DJs), I can communicate clearly, and I know what gets any type of person’s attention.

As a dual degree student, I follow two courses at the same time: advertising at the Willem de Kooning and culture studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Through my advertising bachelor I learned how to creatively solve problems and how to present them. Because of my culture studies I get culture: I know how to analyze – and be conscious of – every group in society.

I’m triggered by people solving problems with efficient and fun ideas I wish I would have come up with. I can’t wait to learn from you :).